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  • My Story

    We all have difficulties in this life, but it seems there are some that face darker nights than we could ever imagine. This is one such story. Watch this powerful video to discover how the Hornsby family has encountered incredible odds and yet… somehow… are still able to find a […]

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Karen Hornsby


I have seen many victories, triumphs, and many miracles in the midst of my journey. It is now my mission to take these experiences and fix them to recordings and place them on stages as long as God grants this bird breath to sing, and I WILL declare . . . it’s almost morning!

Latest News


So happy to announce the launch of my amazing new website by my extremely talented and creative team of Design Extensions. I hope that you find it to be all you need to help stay connected with this ministry, as well as a place of encouragement when faced with life’s […]

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My Story

The Karen Hornsby CD Project exists to leverage the power of music to strengthen, encourage, and validate those whose trials in this life can seem overwhelming. As I am no stranger to life’s darkest hours, my all original CD is being produced to illustrate how I have been able to […]

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