My Story

You see, the three of us in my family have seen the face of death and survived. My moment came at age 19 when my car collided with a semi-trailer, causing my car explode into flames. After 10 minutes of being surrounded by smoke and flames, and multiple attempts by others to rescue me, a miracle occurred. An off-duty officer who attempted 7 times to get the door open, was suddenly given the strength to somehow bend my car door in half and pull me to safety. Just as he pulled me from the car, the flames reached the car’s gas tank and battery, causing an explosion that lifted the car into the air. Miraculously, though my hand was crushed . . . NOT A HAIR ON MY HEAD WAS SINGED . . . Nor any pages of my bible and prayer cloth that were later found in what was left of my car.

Karen in the Studio – Orlando Day 1 from Karen Hornsby on Vimeo.

Many years later in 2005, my husband was diagnosed and treated for cancer, and in the same year my perfectly healthy 2 and a half year old little girl was diagnosed one day with brain cancer, and the next lost her sight. Since her diagnosis, she has received 5 rounds of chemo, radiation and 2 major brain surgeries followed by 3 strokes. Currently she fights through multiple mobility issues and is unable to clearly communicate.

Karen Day 2 from Karen Hornsby on Vimeo.


My uncle told my mom before I was born of a vivid dream he had, that I was to be born a girl, and would one day sing like a bird. Who would have thought that the songs this bird would sing would be written from places of such deep suffering. Though weeping may endure for the night, God promises that joy will come in the morning. When I stood before a crowd, singing one such song birthed after hearing the worst doctors report to date, I sang, “Please relieve all this hurt inside; perform a miracle in my life; I need you Lord”. . . I opened my eyes to see people standing with hands lifted, voices singing, and tears flowing as my song had validated their pain, their challenges, and had given their souls a way to voice what had been locked up until then. It was this day that joy began to strengthen me as I saw powerfully a greater purpose in all the suffering. My sorrow was unlocking the souls of men.

Full Sail Studio Session by Dorsey Media Group from Karen Hornsby on Vimeo.

I have seen many victories, triumphs, and many miracles in the midst of my journey. It is now my mission to take these experiences and fix them to recordings and place them on stages as long as God grants this bird breath to sing. I will declare that . . . 

. . . It’s Almost Morning!!